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Skiing is fun. It sounds simple but it’s what drives Radar to build the best products day in and day out. Radar was founded and led by skiers who have instilled the passion to push beyond the norm and make better products. This passion fuels their desire to innovate and create. It means early mornings and late nights, red eye flights followed by dawn sessions. Radar never stop dreaming of what’s next and what they can do to make skiing even better. Their constant desire to push the sport leads them to where they are now. Radar have fun creating every day so that you can have fun on the water. Just go ski.

UK Cheapest Radar Water Skis | Slalom | Combo | Packages

Radar produce an excellent range of recreational Waterskis and Ski Packages that are aimed primarily at the intermediate and expert skier. Radar build skis with a purpose in mind. They build from the outside (shape) to the inside (materials) thinking purely about the intended user and what creates the ultimate experience for them. They believe that if they wouldn’t want to use it themselves then they won’t build it. The Radar developers and test team stand behind every single product they make because they’re used every day. Every Radar waterski is directed at customers, from the early morning skiers to the evening lake dwellers. If this is you, then Radar could be the brand for you. See our Full Range of Water Skis or if you need more help on choosing the right Water Skis for you then check out our free guide on How To Choose Water Skis.

Our Water Ski Pro Store offers a full range of Radar Waterskis including Radar Combo Waterskis, Radar Combo Waterski Packages, Radar Slalom Waterskis, Radar Mono Skis, Radar Men's Waterskis, Radar Women's Waterskis and some excellent Radar Kid's Waterskis too. In addition to selling Mono Water Skis and Beginner Water Skis we also have a great range of Water Skiing Equipment and Accessories such as Water Ski Bindings, Water Ski Helmets, Ski Ropes, Water Ski Bags, Waterski Impact Vests etc.

UK Cheapest Radar Waterskis and Water Skis

UK Cheapest Radar Towable Tubes | Ringos | Packages

Radar produce a great range of Towable Inflatable Tubes and Towable Packages that are aimed primarily at the more discerning boat owner or commercial operator. Their ringos offer excellent designed and visual appeal and all at very competitive prices. Perfect for all applications, a Radar Towable Tube will provide hours of fun for everyone. See our Full Range of Towable Tubes or if you need more help on towable tube design and setup then check out our free guide on Towable Tubes.

Our selection of Radar Towable Inflatables (aka ringos, ski tubes, water tubes, water sport tubes, inflatable boat tubes or watersports ski tubes) are categorised into 1 Person Radar Towables, 2 Person Radar Towables, 3 Person Radar Towables, 4 Person Radar Towables, and 5+ Person Radar Towable. We also stock a good selection of Towable Tube Accessories such as Tow Ropes, Towable Tube Bags, Tow Bridles, Tow Harnesses, 12V Electric Pumps, Boston Valves, Foot Pumps, Double Action Hand Pumps, Puncture Repair Kits etc.

UK Cheapest Radar Towable Tubes

UK Cheapest Radar Kneeboards | Ropes | Packages

Radar produce a wide range of low cost but very capable Kneeboards and Kneeboard Packages that are aimed primarily at the recreational user. Good design and robust build quality sum up Radar Kneeboards and their prices really are hard to beat. See our Full Range of Kneeboards or if you need more help on choosing the right Kneeboard for you then check out our free guide on How To Choose a Kneeboard.

We offer a full range of Radar Kneeboards and Radar Kneeboard Packages for sale to suit all abilities and budgets. We also have a great range of Radar Kneeboarding Equipment and Accessories such as Radar Kneeboarding Helmets, Radar Kneeboard Ropes, Radar Kneeboard Bags, Radar Kneeboarding Impact Vests etc. We also have a Kneeboard Sale on all year round so make sure you check back regularly to get the best Kneeboard Deals.

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